The Tiger King (Paladin Shifters Book 1)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday morning with my friend, Lisa Worrall

I am honored to host my friend, Lisa Worrall, today. She has a shiny brand new MM Mystery/thriller and she's here to talk a little bit about how she crafts her amazing stories. Without further ado, welcome, Lisa...

First things first, a huge thank you to the wonderful Patti Logan for hosting me today and letting me ramble on.

I’ve known Patti a long time and am a fan of her writing. Have been from day one. She is responsible for one of my favourite lines ever, one that still gives me goosebumps…. “his hair fell around his shoulders like a midnight waterfall.” God, I love that line! We’ve even written an anthology and a series together, so we know how each other works—completely differently.

Patti is a plotter and I’m a panster. Don’t get me wrong, I set out to plot every single time, but my mind ends up whispering, “Put that pen down and let’s just see what happens! It’ll be fun!” And sometimes it is. Other times it’s like getting blood out of the proverbial stone. Especially when you find yourself with two MC’s who see their characters in a slightly different light to yours. You know the kind. Where you say, “Hey, why don’t we go over here…” and their response is, “Well, yeah, it’d be nice over there, but what about if we went a few hundred yards to the left so we could…?” While they don’t come right out and tell you your idea is kaka, you don’t need to be hit over the head. The most annoying part is that they’re usually right!

Which is exactly what happened with Looking for Jesse. It’s been a while since I’ve had a book out there and I gave it everything I had. It seemed, however, what I had wasn’t enough, because the moment Nick and Ford crossed paths, they stood behind me, whispering in my ear to make sure I told their story the way they wanted it. I hope I did. But I’m still going to get Patti to give me some pointers when it comes to this plotting business.

There are two copies of Looking for Jesse to giveaway. Please leave a comment and your email address 😊


  1. Oh wow, a new Lisa Worrall book? Yay! Looking forward to it, whether I win a copy or buy it! My name is Diane, email is, or Canuckscot68(at)gmail(dot)com if you need it written out!

  2. Both Lisa & Patti are on my auto buy list!! Whether I win one or not .. will be buying! Got to feed the writers .. hee hee akblkgold .. split .. just in case. Jam it all together .. hee hee

  3. The book sounds amazing! Can't wait to pick it up! Sabrinad1977 at comcast dot net

  4. The book sounds amazing! Can't wait to pick it up! Sabrinad1977 at comcast dot net