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Friday, October 28, 2016

Introducing: Cup O'Jarrett

Welcome to my new blogging project called “Cup O’Jarrett”. For those of you who follow my writing, you’ll recognize Jarrett as one of a pair of ATF agents from my Death and Destruction series. I am currently writing book 4, “Locked and Loaded” which I hope to have out by the end of the year but by mid-January 2017 at the latest.

2016 has gone quickly for me. I’ve released several books but have been concentrating on the D&D series since I began writing these two hot men back in February. I have gotten caught up in their adventures to the point where I can’t stop writing them. With nearly 100 reviews on the 3 books I’ve released so far, I think my readers appreciate the road I’ve taken. These two are so easy and fun to write, I think they’ll be around for a while. I don’t see any end to the series as long as the stories keep coming so please stick with me if you are enjoying them.

I’ll be giving you folks an update on my progress every now and then on the weekly blog and I also intend on doing a monthly newsletter. My friend Jeff Adkins has been working to set up an email delivery from all the folks who’ve signed up as a “Loganite” on my website. If you’d like to get on the monthly newsletter list, please run over to: and become a Loganite. I look forward to being able to share special excerpts and back stories exclusive to my friends over there. Thank you so much.

The first newsletter will have a behind the scenes look at the research tools I’ve been using for these stories. It’s a lot of work but really fun and I thought you might like to see where I get my information because, trust me, not all of it is fiction J

So, without further ado, I leave you with a little excerpt from “Locked and Loaded” (Death and Destruction series Book 4)

“Agents, I think you both know Agent Adael Dayan,” SAC Stanger said.

Adael Dayan was Israeli Mossad and had worked a sensitive overseas mission with Jarrett right before Jarrett’s service with the Marine Corps had been up. In fact, that last mission had gone wrong in several ways and had resulted in Jarrett making the decision to finally quit the Corps and leave his career behind. Jarrett and Adael had gone their separate ways as well but not without having to cut ties that were deeper than simply two spies working together. He glanced at Thayne. His lover was eyeballing Adael with an expression of deep concern. It was obvious to Jarrett that Thayne didn’t appreciate the introduction of a man he knew had once been Jarrett’s lover. They’d met while working the fireworks case this past summer. He and Thayne both stood as Adael entered. Dayan smiled broadly and walked into the room.

“Jarrett!” he said. He opened both arms and before Jarrett could even back up, Adael had pulled him into a hug. He had no choice but to wrap his arms around Adael and hug him back. He watched Thayne over his shoulder. He looked pissed as hell.

“Dayan. This is a surprise.”

Adael let go and stepped back before turning to Thayne. To Jarrett’s shock, he swept Thayne into a hug as well.

“It’s good to see you too, Thayne,” Adael added.

His partner flailed for a few seconds and then reluctantly hugged Adael back as he sent Jarrett a puzzled expression. Jarrett threw him a tiny smile as Adael finally let go. He grabbed Thayne’s biceps, holding him at arm’s length as he grinned widely.

“It’s so good to see you both,” he said, looking between Thayne and Jarrett. When he finally dropped his hands and turned to hold out a hand to Stanger, Jarrett breathed a sigh of relief.

“You too, Dayan. What are you doing here?” Jarrett asked as Stanger shook Adael’s hand and then waved the three of them into chairs. Adael walked over to the wall and grabbed a vacant chair, dragging it over to join Jarrett and Thayne’s in front of Stanger’s desk.

“SAC Stanger and the ATF asked me here to help out with getting you an introduction to Mills Lang,” Adael answered simply.

Jarrett snorted. “And just how are ya gonna do that?”

“As I started to say, Evans, Agent Dayan is going to get you an introduction to Mills Lang’s new crew as an Iranian buyer,” Stanger continued. “Agent Dayan has been working on an operation which has been going on inside Lang’s organization for months now and at risk of making a pun, when he rolled out the big guns, Dayan here knew we’d be interested in seeing what was going on. He brought it to Homeland and they brought it to us.”

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